The Ministry of Finance has started work on an amendment to the regulation on a higher risk weight for exposures secured by mortgages on real estate

The draft proposes that the risk weight equal to 100% should apply to office premises or other commercial real estate located in the territory of the Republic of Poland, with the exception of commercial real estate used by the borrower to run his own business and not generating income generated by rent or profits from their sale, which are assigned the weighting risk equal to 50%. In the opinion of the Ministry of Finance, the said change will contribute to the release of capital that banks will be able to allocate to finance the economy. In practice, the entry into force of this regulation may increase access to this type of credit. 

The amended regulation would enter into force on the day following its publication.


Currently, the project is at the stage of public consultation, which will last until August 14, 2020.


The content of the project is available at: