Premiere of PINK and PRCH joint publication 'ESG for Commercial Real Estate. Selected issues and practices" [11 December 2023]

11 December 2023 saw the official premiere of a unique publication - "ESG for commercial real estate. Selected issues and practices', which collects the results of the work of working groups composed of experts operating at the Polish Council of Shopping Centres and the Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estate.

The publication addresses , among others,the following issues: legislation, commercial real estate financing and energy transition investments, property valuations, green leases, challenges for new and old buildings, ESG expectations and strategies, society and decarbonisation and carbon emissions. Articles from member companies showcase ESG issues in specific market sectors: office, retail and warehousing.

👉🏻 The publication in Polish is available to all from today. Additionally, in the second half of the month, the publication will also be available in English.

We would like to thank PINK and PRCHmember companies, as well as the partners supporting the publication: EPP, GLP, NHOOD and SKANSKA as well as ESPT for supporting the project and taking it under their patronage. We would also like to thank the main content partners of the project - PwC and KAPE as well as experts from PLGBC, SGH, SK&S and the research company Inquiry. Special thanks go to all members working groups of PINK as well as PRCH.

We warmly encourage you to read!